Wine Listing

Wholly Grape carefully select an extensive stock list of ‘investment grade’ fine wines from across Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and Italy. All of our stock is owned by us and is available for immediate purchase and delivery.

As we are primarily wine traders, based in London, UK, almost all of our stock is held In Bond (IB) at Octavian or London City Bond but we can also deliver throughout the UK.

Bordeaux1989Palmer12 x 751IB£5,500.00
Bordeaux1996Leoville Las Cases12 x 751IB £3,500.00
Bordeaux1998Yquem6 x 751IB£1,900.00
Bordeaux1999Palmer12 x 751IB£3,250.00
Bordeaux2001Leoville Las Cases12 x 751IB £2,000.00
Bordeaux2001Yquem12 x 37.51IB£2,500.00
Bordeaux2002Cos d'Estournel12 x 751IB£1,250.00
Bordeaux2003Cos d'Estournel6 x 752IB £1,950.00
Bordeaux2003Leoville Poyferre12 x 751IB £1,450.00
Bordeaux2005Carbonnieux12 x 751IB£350.00
Bordeaux2005Clos L'Eglise (Pomerol)6 x 752IB£1,200.00
Bordeaux2005l'Eglise Clinet12 x 751IB £4,700.00
Bordeaux2005Montrose12 x 751IB£1,950.00
Bordeaux2005Cos d'Estournel12 x 751IB £1,850.00
Bordeaux2005Carraudes Lafite12 x 751IB £2,950.00
Bordeaux2005Pavillon Rouge12 x 751IB£2,000.00
Bordeaux2005Pontet Canet12 x 751IB£1,750.00
Bordeaux2005Pichon Lalande12 x 751IB£1,550.00
Bordeaux2006Cos d'Estournel12 x 751IB£1,550.00
Bordeaux2006Eglise Clinet6 x 1501IB£1,550.00
Bordeaux2006Haut Brion12 x 751IB£4,000.00
Bordeaux2006Montrose12 x 751IB£990.00
Bordeaux2006Mouton Rothschild12 x 751IB £5,000.00
Australia2006Penfolds, Grange6 x 751IB£1,950.00
Bordeaux2006Pontet Canet12 x 751IB£900.00
Bordeaux2008Clinet6 x 752IB£600.00
Bordeaux2008Conseillante12 x 751IB£980.00
Bordeaux2008Cos d'Estournel12 x 751IB£1,250.00
USA2008Dominus6 x 752IB£1,200.00
Bordeaux2008Latour12 x 751IB £5,000.00
Bordeaux2008Les Forts de Latour12 x 751IB £1,900.00
Bordeaux2008Leoville Poyferre12 x 751IB£800.00
Bordeaux2008Palmer12 x 751IB£2,500.00
Bordeaux2008Pontet Canet12 x 751IB£1,000.00
Australia2008Penfolds, Grange6 x 751IB £2,500.00
Bordeaux2008Trotanoy6 x 751IB£1,000.00
Bordeaux2008Yquem6 x 751IB£1,400.00
Bordeaux2009Alter Ego Palmer12 x 751IB £900.00
Bordeaux2009Aromes Pavie12 x 751IB £750.00
Bordeaux2009Clinet12 x 751IB £2,950.00
Bordeaux2009Cos d'Estournel12 x 751IB£2,950.00
Bordeaux2009l'Eglise Clinet6 x 751IB £2,400.00
Bordeaux2009Lafite Rothschild12 x 751IB £9,500.00
Bordeaux2009Latour12 x 751IB £10,500.00
Bordeaux2009Leoville Las Cases12 x 751IB £2,500.00
Bordeaux2009Leoville Poyferre12 x 751IB £2,500.00
Bordeaux2009Malescot St Exupery12 x 751IB£1,000.00
Bordeaux2009Montrose12 x 751IB £3,000.00
Bordeaux2009Mouton Rothschild6 x 752IB £3,500.00
Bordeaux2009Palmer12 x 751IB£3,250.00
Bordeaux2009Pichon Lalande12 x 751IB £1,800.00
Bordeaux2009Pontet Canet12 x 751IB £2,150.00
Bordeaux2010Alter Ego Palmer6 x 752IB £550.00
Bordeaux2010Clinet12 x 751IB £1,500.00
Bordeaux2010Cos d'Estournel1 x 6001IB £2,700.00
Bordeaux2010Ducru Beaucaillou1 x 6001IB £2,800.00
Bordeaux2010Ducru Beaucaillou12 x 751IB £2,750.00
Bordeaux2010Grand Puy Lacoste12 x 751IB£750.00
Bordeaux2010Lafite Rothschild6 x 752IB £5,750.00
Bordeaux2010Leoville Barton1 x 6001IB £1,800.00
Bordeaux2010Leoville Las Cases12 x 751IB £2,800.00
Bordeaux2010Leoville Poyferre12 x 751IB £1,500.00
Bordeaux2010Lynch Bages12 x 751IB £1,600.00
Bordeaux2010Margaux12 x 751IB £7,800.00
Bordeaux2010Mouton Rothschild12 x 751IB £7,800.00
Bordeaux2010Palmer12 x 751IB £3,500.00
Bordeaux2010Pichon Baron12 x 751IB £1,950.00
Bordeaux2010Pontet Canet12 x 751IB £2,250.00
Bordeaux2011Ausone6 x 752IB £2,750.00

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